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The Color in the Details

Updated: Feb 22

I don’t know about you guys, but every six months or so I get a strong urge to change EVERYTHING, especially my decor. With the seasons changing, I go through phases where I either want a lot of color everywhere or everything in my house ends up being gray and beige. If you’re anything like me, committing to a bold wall color or painting the cabinets is a big move. I have commitment issues! When I first moved into my new house, the navy blue wall in the stairs gave me anxiety. I’m personally not a fan of bold, but if you are, that’s great! Designing your house is all about what you love. This is not the blog post for you. I’m Writing today to help all of you out who are more like me; those who want to incorporate color in home decor, but have commitment issues when it comes to permanent bold colors.

Tip #1 Stick with a neutral color pallet, then add in your accent colors.

When I say a neutral color pallet, I mean for example, your wall color. Keep it simple and clean! You can never go wrong with a classic shade of white. I see white as less of a commitment. I can easily change out the other things in the room when I want something new. Then there’s the wood flooring, tile or carpet. The nice thing about wood flooring is that it’s timeless! You can always throw down a beautiful rug, it’s something that’s an easy change but can completely transform your space. You can go from a beautiful, colorful Moroccan rug to one with a completely different style and it can completely transform a space! A rug can even make a difference if you don’t love your carpet anymore. Maybe your tile in the kitchen is the splash of color you chose for that space. Maybe you want to paint your island a different color instead of the entire wall of cabinets. The possibilities are endless.

Tip #2 Add in small decor pieces for pops of color.

Your accent colors are what will tie together the entire room. If you don’t feel confident in choosing decor for your home, find something you love and build off of that. When I first got married, I based my entire living room around a vase set from Target. Which sounds silly, but it’s what worked for me at that time figuring out how to navigate decorating a house for the first time. When buying a couch, my husband and I specifically bought a gray sectional because he knew I’d be swapping out my throw pillows and blankets all the time. I made a big time commitment to my staple piece, and now I am able to have different accents whenever I need a refresh. I don’t know about you, but it’s pretty normal for me to trade out my throw pillows upstairs for the ones on the couch. Decorating your house this way is like accessorizing your outfit everyday, adding and changing the small touches to complete the look!

I hope these tips help you add color to your homes and get over your fear of commitment! If you ever have any trouble with your home decor, you can always send us a message!

Xoxo Shaye from Renew Home

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