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Renew Home's Holiday Tips

Hi friends! All year long we have given you tips on decorating your shelves, shared with you videos for how to make your bed, and provided blog posts informing you on all the current trends and to-dos for home decor 101. And we hope you’ve learned a lot! Or at least enjoyed what you saw. But now that Christmas-time is here we want to reflect on everything we have learned this year. And we feel that this year the tips we have recommended can take on another meaning. Here are a few of our favorite home tips that we think will benefit you this holiday season.

Invest in your home.

Just like how it’s important to invest in quality pieces for your home, it’s also important to invest time spent in your home and with your family. We put a lot of effort into decorating and preparing our homes for the holidays but want to also take time this season to sit and enjoy our beautiful homes! To relax and appreciate its warmth and comfort and to spend time with those that you love. While decorating is important, appreciating our homes and families is even better.

Always have a focal point.

Our time can be consumed with not only decorating, but shopping for and wrapping presents, preparing foods, and rushing to and from events. In all of the hustle and bustle, we opt for keeping your focal point in mind. Your focal point could be the goal to spend time with family or to take a moment every day to sit, breathe, and appreciate.

Declutter the unnecessary.

During the holidays we tend to put expectations on ourselves and others, which results in frustration and being overwhelmed. Decluttering the unnecessary in our life is crucial for enjoying this time of year. Just like getting rid of old items that no longer are cohesive with our home, we also strive to rid ourselves of the things in life that no longer serve us such as negative feelings for others, expectations for ourselves, and outdated traditions that put to much stress and pressure on everyone.

Incorporate a sense of balance.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with everything on our to-do list during December. In our homes, we like to provide a sense of balance. Using proper furniture, color, and lighting, balance is the key to a well-designed room and a well-lived life. Incorporate balance in your life this season by allowing yourself to say no when you are overwhelmed, scheduling time for yourself, and taking time to enjoy the festivities.

Be bold and have fun!

We always say to decorate in a style that you love, and to not be afraid to go bold. Like putting fun floral wallpaper in a hallway or a bright color in the kitchen, adding color and fun to your life will have the same effects as your home. Unapologetically love what you love and don’t be afraid to have fun and be bold!

Embrace quality lighting.

It is often said by designers that “a room is not a room without natural light.” Quality lighting in the room can set the mood for a space, or transform the perceived shape and size of a room. The light in your own life can also affect your mood, creating a warm and happy life or a gloomy one. Surround yourself with others who are a light to you, and strive to be a light to others.

We wanted to end this year by saying we are so grateful for YOU. Any of you that have supported us, worked with us, or even liked one of our photos or read our posts. We couldn’t do what we love without your support. We know this year has been particularly difficult for smaller businesses and we are shocked that through the support we’ve been given, this year has been one of growth for us! We hope you take time this year to relax and enjoy everything you have accomplished! Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.

Love and Merry Christmas,

The Renew Crew

Harmony, Lanee’, Rebecca, Shaye, Halie, and Mickinley

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