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Giving Back - Happiness & Beauty

Updated: Feb 22

Maybe it’s not a surprise that we find ourselves in an industry where we are always thinking about making things around us more beautiful and better, although sometimes it seems a bit surreal. It’s absolutely amazing and wonderful that people actually give us money to do exactly what we love doing so much! Thanks for filling our deepest desires AND helping us feed our families at the same time!!! Haha. But, considering our roots and what we consider our real purpose of being, I think it just makes sense. We do what we do because it’s centered on beauty & happiness, but also because we can make a difference.

I don’t think it’s uncommon for people to want to make a difference, to leave a mark on the world, or to leave something better than it was before. We yearn for a purpose and reason to exist. When we serve and help others, we feel useful, and it gives us purpose! Therefore, we feel good and happy. I think this happiness comes as a direct result of knowing we have promoted a better change in someone’s life, even if it is a microscopic change. Even giving a present to someone often feels better than receiving one! Maybe it’s the way I was raised - to work my hardest and to be compassionate, giving, and nurturing. But, the warmth I feel after helping someone is indescribable in the best way. Have you felt that before?

Our company reflects who we are, and since sharing and giving what we can is at our core as people, we want it to be a primary part & focus of our company. We want to “Renew” ourselves and those around us as much, and as often, as we can. And we would love ANYONE to join us. We agree with Archbishop Desmond Tutu in that if we can do a little bit of good where we are, “it’s those bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.”

So, here we go! After doing service on our own as company owners, we are ready and willing to cultivate that same culture in our company and make “giving back” part of who we are at Renew Home Staging & Design. This week, we will be staging a home in American Fork with the Young Living Foundation. The house has been rehabbed, will be staged and listed for sale, and then once sold, the proceeds will go to victims of human trafficking.

Please join us! You can donate to the cause here at

Here at Renew Home, we will continually strive to give back in any way that we can! We will always work to make the world a more beautiful place, in the home and outside of it.

Love, Laneé at Renew Home

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