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How to Create a Beautiful and Comfortable Bed

Updated: Feb 22

You spend half your life in your bed, so it’s only natural that we would want to be amazing. We strive for beds to be comfortable, beautiful, and peaceful, our own personal oasis. But that look and style can be hard to achieve! We answered the questions you all sent in to us and created a list of our tried and true secrets to perfect your bed!

Where do I start?

We recommend starting with a duvet or comforter. Choose a style that you like that matches your personal esthetic. From there pull three different colors from other sources in the room such as your wall color, your rug, your (current or new) bedding, or the curtains. If you choose a variety of pillows in different patterns, the look will still be cohesive if they at least share the same colors.

How many pillows should I have?

Contrary to how we usually go about things, with a bed there can be too many pillows! Although it may not be a concrete rule for a King-sized bed we use 3 Euros, 2 King shams, and about 3 decorative pillows. For a Queen sized bed, we use one less Euro with 2 standard shams and 1-3 decorative pillows.

How do I pick bedding?

We can’t stress enough the importance of a good duvet and pillow insert! These inserts can be a bit of an investment at first, but they last forever and help you achieve that "Designer Look." Another tip for picking bedding: use contrast, meaning if you have a dark quilt, your duvet should be lighter tone or vise versa. We discourage all matching colors as the light and dark tones add drama and dimension. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns! Stripes with florals, geometric with stripes, etc. We recommend mixing 2 bold patterns and keeping everything else neutral and solid. Use nubby pillows, chunky throws, velvets, linens to create softness, contrast, and make a bed feel cozy and inviting along with added texture.

Winter vs. Summer?

In the winter we like to layer the duvet first and then the quilt. When adding a quilt, (if you are going to sleep with it) turn it upside down and fold in thirds. When you get in bed you can fold one side at the top of the bed and the other 1/3 to the bottom. That way you don’t have to rearrange your quilt every day when making the bed!

Finishing Touches

Those final touches that pull the whole bed together? A folded throw at the foot of the bed is our go-to. It helps pull together your color scheme and add texture.

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