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Spring Refresh

One of my favorite things about living in Utah is the changing of the seasons, and spring just so happens to be my favorite! I’m not much of a snow and cold person, and so when those temps start to rise just a bit and the earth begins to come alive, I find myself with more energy and a push to change things up a bit. Maybe this is where the idea of spring cleaning started from. I personally love a good spring cleaning of my home and also a chance to switch out some of my moodier, darker colors for a lighter, fresh pallet. I thought I would share a few of my ideas and things I do to create a springtime feel in my home.

I think one way we can bring spring into our homes is to implement the beautiful spring blooms and greenery into our decor. I love taking vases that I already have and adding sprigs of flowers or cuttings from my yard. There is something about the organic, earthy texture, smell, and feel of live greenery and flowers. You can display these on coffee tables, shelves, or a kitchen window. I also love setting out fresh fruit!

Usher in spring by cleaning! While it's not as fun as new pillows or flowers, it can absolutely transform your home. Once the sun is out the best way to get your home into a spring feel is to declutter and clean things you normally wouldn’t. I focus on areas that have had a lack of love during the winter, like the storage room and the garage. It’s a little less fun chore, but it can make the biggest difference! Along with decluttering put away some of the extras that you have out for winter such as extra blankets and throws.

Another way I love to bring in the colors of spring is in my bedding and pillows. I swap out darker colors and heavier patterns for light and airy textiles to brighten a space.

This is also a good time to tuck away darker throws and chunky blankets that you will no longer be using.

You can also switch out your pillows to add springtime flair to a room. I think it is fun to implement a few floral patterns as well.

Scent is also a super important, and often overlooked, aspect of our homes. Purchasing candles that smell of herbs, fruit, or blooms can help create that fresh spring smell.

Switching up shelf decor can be a great way to make your home feel new and fresh. Maybe it’s switching out frames for a little lighter pallet or adding in more blooms and greenery. If you have bowls fill those with bright-colored eggs or green balls to add in those pops of color.

Our homes can change and grow just like the seasons. I think it is so important that we take the time to give love and care to our homes. Spring refresh can create an energy and feel that we are yearning for after the long winter months. I hope the ideas I’ve shared today will spark some energy and creativity for you to Renew yourself and your homes this season.

Xoxo, Harmony

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