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Home Design Trends Emerging in 2021

After last year, we all can agree the way we use our homes has drastically changed! Some of the good that came from 2020 was to appreciate our homes and the way we care for them and we feel as if the design trends for this year will be a reflection of that.

As designers and home stagers, we look forward to seeing the new trends emerge! There are definitely some we love and others we could do without. We thought would share some of our favorite design trends coming up this year that we hope to use in our own design projects and staging.

Calm is in, chaos is out.

With the chaos that is going on in the world, now more than ever we need our homes to be a place of peace and refuge from the outside noise. A design trend we are loving is what we’d call a “zen” or organic pallet. Calming colors, lots of natural light, candles, textures, and live greenery. If you’re like us, the live greenery part can sound scary, a lot of us definitely would say we don’t have a green thumb! But when it comes to house plants, there are ones that are easier to care for than others. The effect of nature in our homes can create serenity, renewal, and growth, which we are all craving this year.

Warmer tones are coming back in a big way!

Another trend we are loving for this year is warmer tones! Rich browns, cognac leathers, burnt oranges, and deep beautiful greens will make a statement this year. We love nothing more than a beautiful leather sofa paired with greens, blues, and lots of patterns and textures.

A spotlight on home offices.

Again, because of the pandemic last year we will most definitely see home offices playing a super important role in home design, and people will be making them more of a priority. We love the moody dark color pallet, patterned carpets, brush brass finishes, and beautifully styled shelves with curated finds. If you’re going to be on Zoom calls all day, you might as well do it in style.

Color plus warmth for kitchen cabinets.

Let’s talk about kitchens for 2021. We see colored cabinetry not going anywhere anytime soon, but we do think the warmth of wood is making a big comeback! We personally love the mixing of these two. We want our kitchens to feel warm and inviting and almost have that “lived-in” feel. With statement lighting, mixed metals, and patterned fabrics, this trend can easily be achieved.

Mixing the old and the new!

Last but not least, and easily one of our favorite things to do in design is mixing old and new. I (Harmony) live in a 1926 Tudor that I remodeled about 4 years ago. My design process was achieving that juxtaposition look. I kept traditional elements of the home to keep its historic charm but chose more modern finishes, cabinetry, and lighting to achieve that updated look. I foresee this as a big design trend this year. It gives that sense of home and liveability, along with adding interest and character to a space. We like to call this trend modern + vintage. If you love this look, work on incorporating family heirlooms. Maybe it’s a quilt from your grandmother that you pair with new bedding and modern art, an old vintage chair next to a leather couch with clean simple lines, or maybe it’s vintage wallpaper left in an office space mixed with brass lighting and new furniture. We love this look so much because there is a story behind those vintage touches! It adds an element of curiosity to a room and can often be a great conversation starter.

Design trends can definitely be fun to add to our homes, but one thing to remember is that your home should speak to you. It is YOUR home! Just because something is “in” for the time being doesn’t mean it belongs in your home. If you hate the color green for heaven’s sake, don’t add green to a room. To us, this is what makes design so much fun, creating spaces that are personal and speak to clients’ personal tastes.

Happy 2021! And happy decorating! We’re excited for a brand new year with lots of fun new trends and styles.

Harmony Young

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